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Don't Fear The Dark series

Welcome to, the birthplace of Don't Fear the Dark series.

Don’t Fear the Dark is a colourful children’s book detailing a loose and lucid history of metal music from its inception in the

60s to now. The first book sets the pace and the scene, and flows into a series of ten other books.

That’s right, we’re taking it to 11!


The eleven books aim to educate young headbangers about a music scene that is often overlooked in society as

well as inform the “littles” that there is nothing to fear about metal music. The book appeals to tiny tots and

metal music lovers who love a good slash of alternative history.

Don’t Fear the Dark 1 details the birth of metal, and in the ten volumes later, the story unfolds to the evolution of the

metal scene around the world. There aren’t many commercial books on the topic of metal music nor are there any books for younger audiences, so this is a first of its kind. It opens discussions about musical inspiration, artistic careers, style statements, adventure, and the macabre. People who are curious and intrigued by a world of music will find

that there’s something in there for them.

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Don't Fear the Dark 1:

The beginning

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Don't Fear the Dark 2: NWOBHM

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Don't Fear The Dark 3:



Something possessing the capacity to be revolutionary;

a feeling we got from

South African poet

Lav Nandlall, author of 

“Don’t Fear the Dark”,

a colourful children’s book detailing a loose and lucid history of metal music from its inception in the 60s to now.

With this I do not want

to insinuate that the

“Don’t Fear the Dark”

is en par with Sendak’s masterpiece, but there is certain kinship in spirit.

‘Be different, be rough,

but do not be

self-destructive’ so to say.

Someone wrote a heavy metal book for children, and it’s the best thing ever!

Alex J Coyne,

Adewumi Kolade,

Markus Falkenberg,

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Lav Nandlall aka the Metal Duchess is the creator and author of the Don’t Fear the Dark children’s books, which is about heavy metal music. (Picture: Lav Nandlall Photo credit: Ruan de Witt)


She's a content strategist during the day and a wordsmith at night. She writes about the wayward souls, the musicians, the wannabes and the noisemakers. 

Illustrator Kaylee McHugh brings the words of Don't Fear the Dark to life with her cute and colourful Chibi characters. Find out more about Kaylee's art here.


Designer Jeanine Breuer, saw great potential in creating not just any book, but a book for many future generations of headbangers. Find out more about Jeanine's work here.

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